Ginkgo Log

Version 1.5.8 - (18/jun/2008) Latest version Evaluating remaining objects in distance-based discriminant analysis Posidonia oceanica multivariate index (POMI) implemented Implementation of Caillez correction of PCoA negative eigenvalues Implementation of Fuzzy Rand Index as published in Campello(2007) Version 1.5.5 - (07/jun/2007) Improving JCOMPAS menus & operability NMDS is now MDS with several options Non-metric (ordinal) MDS available for similarities and distances Ratio MDS available for distances Local MDS options for focusing on concrete objects MDS error output Shepard plots improved Classical MDS allows placing origin on a specific point or on the data centroid (most usual) Tow new similarity indices French version available Save discriminant analyses results Save comparison results Save other analyses results Conversion to PA makes new matrix Varimax rotation implemented in Principal Components Analysis Minor corrections: Group selection dialog with order capabilities Removing 2nd order confusion matrices, to avoid too many results in comparisons Bug correction: 3D scatter plots bug Bug correction: Null row checking in PCA Null row/column advertising improved in CA/PCA Improving results of MDS: Providing absolute relative and cumulative percentages of variance. Improving matrix comparison dialog and results. Improving results of discriminant analyses: Provinding confusion matrices for both resubstitution and leave-one-out procedures. Version 1.4.7 - (07/Feb/2006) Improvement of diversity analysis. More explicative output. Clarification of computations. Fidelity analysis simplification: Elimination of building fidelity space Bug correction: Exporting PCM cluster fuzzy sets. Improvement of PCM clustering analysis Saving temporary files of projects to avoid loosing information when writing error occur Bug correction: Variable selection in covariance matrix dialog Computing weighted euclidean distance Bug correction: Centroid coordinates in MDS for fuzzy partitions Output of intercluster distances in PCM DBSCAN Not allowing PCM when no starting classification is available Bug correction: Linked object vectors in classification output Bug correction: Shepard diagram in PCoA/NMDS removed because induces to erroneous interpretation Allows to restrict the variables shown in biplot representations Comparison of symmetric matrices by means of Gower distance (stress measure 1) Output of one tailed p-values in Mantel test in matrix form Version 1.4.3 - (31/May/2005) PCM corrections Defuzzification of FCM fuzzy partitions Improvement of Normal Cluster Generation Update of tree selection in Analysis Manager when selecting panels Minor corrections Linear discriminant bug correction: Selection of variables was not affecting eigenvalue decomposition Adding new biplots and new output matrices (Z matrices) to CCA Convergence of Canonical Populations Analysis and Linear discriminant Analysis Inactivation of Canonical Populations Analysis Bug correction in save hierarchical trees to overcome nesting limitation Version 1.4.1 - (09/Nov/2004) PCM switched to meta-PCM algorithm: automatic set of reference distances and distance bound tipicality correction Variable selection in Linear canonical discriminant analysis Minor corrections Version 1.4.0 - (17/Sept/2004) Bug correction: Creating number of clusters partition from hierarchical classification with reversals Bug correction: Discrimininant analysis with training partition fitted to training data elements Default saving enabled for all analyses (classifications and ordinations) Bug correction: Import of XML relevé tables. Imported taxon name is preferably the original name (to preserve uniqueness) but will be the accepted name if the former is an empty string. If both were empty the taxon code would be used but taxon codes are not expected to be written in relevé files. Pseudo-F statistic in variance cluster description KM/FCM do not save original distance matrix for memory efficiency Silhouettes computed in KM/FCM automatically after running partitioning algorithm (if distance matrix available) Fuzzy Rand Index. Fuzzy confusion tablesDouble Partitions of objects and variables Import from TWINSPAN outputs a double partition. Whole TWINSPAN output file text is recovered as analysis text too. REBLOCK clustering method (Podani & Feoli 1991, Journal of Vegetation Science 2: 435-444) Phi correlation in partition comparisons Dendrogram improvement Goodall probabilistic coefficient Sociological space construction Minor bug corrections Version 1.3.6 - (28/May/2004) Copy all matrix for export button Order rows by label Order rows by column value Classification values used for colouring data tables Right-click mouse functions in Analysis Manager tree and Data Editor tree Version 1.3.5 - (06/May/2004) Fuzzy Medoids and (manhattan) distance to medoids in cluster description K-medians/FCMedians implemented: Centroids in partitions can be now medoids, so the generic name is 'prototypes' Bug correction: Save prototypes in partitions when available Bug correction: Comparison of partitions with unequal object lists and object order Output p-values for correlations in variable covariantion analysis First column made static in tables. This allows exploring data matrix without losing object reference Improving of data matrix editor capabilities Version 1.3.4 - (07/Apr/2004) Bug correction in quadratic discriminant Bug correction: save canonical population analysis Math axes bounds can be changed in scatter, series, and bar plots JCompas added as an 'other module' Cluster generation prints output Version 1.3.3 - (12/Mar/2004) Translation of menu options Save/restore language and Look&Feel Automatic detection of language (spanish/english) Program translation (to spanish and catalan) Welcome dialog improved (all modules) Version 1.3.2 - (09/Mar/2004) Fidelity profiles available Partition comparisons improved Hierarchical comparisons improved (plots automatically generated) Minor corrections: deleting data matrices in analysis manager Silhouette plots implemented New value separator in import: ';' Checking of repeated variable or object labels. Done for ensuring data integrity. Import/Export of CANOCO/DECORANA species files for exchanging data with programs CANOCO and PC-ORD Import/Export of CANOCO environmental files RDA/CCA minor corrections on error detection and error dialog prompting Version 1.3.1 - (5/Feb/2004) NEW MULTIVARIATE METHOD IMPLEMENTED: Canonical Population Analysis Fowlkes-Malkows Bk index for classification comparisons Comparisons of trees at different partitioning levels Import TWINSPAN results in 'Analysis Manager': Two classification matrices are created, for species and sites respectively Avoid duplicate labelings in data item names and analysis names Menus in analysis manager reorganized Key shortcuts for most used methods have been modified Biplots with classification on object series Version 1.3.0 - (8/Jan/2004) Minor corrections on ginkgo project dialog Default decimal format for data in project Improvement of Precision Dialog with the oportunity to change decimal separator Data values are from now on centered in data cells Import/export can be done now using '.' or ',' as decimal separators Version 1.2.9 - (19/Dec/2003) Bar plots with more than one bar series Plot frequency histograms for variables inside and outside a fuzzy set cluster Print graphics with prompt dialog for user Species diversity analysis improved Antialiasing in plots can be disabled for printing or exporting Prompt dialog for adding symmetric items when computing ressemblance indices... Matrix correlation error dialog when trying to compute it using unequal size matrices Project file in title Data Import improvements Version 1.2.8 - (17/Nov//2003) Minor corrections Import Releve Tables using User-defined Braun-Blanquet transforms Export data matrix directly from Analysis Manager Graphic Editor is now common to all Modules Isolation for limit Cluster members Plot frequency histograms for variables 3D Plots available Plots made now using Monarch Charts 1.5 instead of 1.2 (copyright Singleton Labs ltd.) Version 1.2.7 - (28/Oct/2003) Isolation statistics in Cluster description Out of memory error prompted as dialog Separation of description of cluster in mathematical terms from species based information Insert Row/Columns Removing groups thread Look&Feel changes (colors, icons...). Version 1.2.6 Look and Feel changes Version 1.2.5 Beta flexible clustering with beta variable Cluster sphericity Minor graphic corrections Transform values of symmetric matrices Splitting data into smaller subdata following a Partition Removing groups from data Merging two matrices as new ROWS or new COLUMNS Version 1.2.4 Minor Corrections: Canonical Ordination output "%" Thread priority. Running analysis in red Silhouettes in Cluster Description Corrections on saving data Minor corrections: Dendrogram to Partition Version 1.2.3 Improvements of MINAR and Matrix Correlation




Yucca Fagus
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